I CAN HEAL: Understanding Pancreatic Cancer / Second Place : Health & Welfare

I CAN HEAL: Understanding Pancreatic Cancer Books

This piece addressed the difficulty in getting comprehensive information about the devastating disease, pancreatic cancer. Because of pancreatic cancer’s high mortality rate it does not receive a lot of the funding that more treatable cancers do, like breast cancer. As a result, not as many resources are produced for it.

This piece gives patients and their families a comprehensive resource, written in simple, less-clinical language, that educates them on the disease and management of symptoms from the cancer and its treatment. It is very matter of fact, but the way it is presented also instills a sense of hope.

Savage Good + MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Director, Designer / Doug Hebert
Director / Dahlia Salazar
Illustrators / Leigh Wells, Jack Slattery
Writer / Molly Glentzer