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For his undergraduate senior thesis at MICA, Ryan LeCluyse spent four months documenting one of the nation’s largest urban redevelopment projects and then responding to it.

It’s estimated that there are more than 40,000 vacant properties in Baltimore City and that number is growing. East Baltimore Development Inc’s “New East Baltimore” intends to “transform the disinvested neighborhood into a thriving mixed-income community.” Not entirely encompassing East Baltimore, the redevelopment has no physical boundaries but has become a neighborhood within a neighborhood.

The purpose of REBU!LD is to document and celebrate the existing community and challenge stereotypes perpetuated by news media and television shows like The Wire. To this end, REBU!LD appears in three different forms: first, an installation of Ryan’s photographs wheatpasted on the facades of abandoned buildings within the development footprint; second, a website showcasing photography and interviews Ryan recorded over the four months spent in East Baltimore; and third, a promotional package that was both mailed out and handed out at the exhibition opening.

Ryan hopes that this project serves to bring awareness to a plight common to many people in cities all around the world and to help preserve the memory of a neighborhood that will soon disappear.

Ryan LeCluyse + Maryland Insitute College of Art + REBU!LD.

Ryan LeCluyse
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