Free Range Studios
ACE High School Assembly Presentation / First Place: Environment

This in-school assembly program explains both the science of climate change and the power of youth to stop it. This multifaceted, ground-breaking presentation combines 40 minutes of animation, live action, and interactive elements, to accompany the engaging and exciting energy of live educators.

ACE offers this interactive assembly presentation, free of charge, to high schools nationwide. Almost 900,000 students in 1,450 schools have seen the presentation since it launched in 2009, and 119,000 of those have committed to Do One Thing to mitigate climate change.

Free Range Studios concepted, wrote, and produced all media elements of the assembly program with the goal of explaining the science of climate change and global warming's impact on our planet in a fun and educational way. Updates are made regularly to the presentation to keep it dynamic and relevant.

ACE and the assembly program have won numerous awards including 2011 Climate Change Communicator of the Year and 2011 Breathe California Clean Air Award for Public Awareness / Education.

Free Range Studios + Alliance for Climate Education.

Creative Director, Writer / Jonah Sachs
Animation Director / Ruben DeLuna
Designers / Erica Priggen, Juliet Unfried