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First-Stop Website

First-Stop.org is an environmentally friendly, online showcase for photographers and illustrators that gives advertising creatives free and easy access to their best work.

The idea for First-Stop came when a group of SF based creatives got to wondering just how many pounds of artists’ paper promos they’ve thrown out over the course of their careers. The answer: probably tons. Multiply all those tossed out promos by every creative at every agency across the world, and you get a monstrous landfill piled high with expensively produced pretty pictures that will never be seen.

First-Stop is also free as a hub for artists to exhibit their work and direct creatives to their own websites. However before joining the artists must agree to significantly reduce the amount of paper promos they send out. (Hence the name First Stop, as in first stop sending out so many promos, or as in the first stop for creatives to find new artists.)

Using the site, creatives can search for artists by media, expertise, style, and genre. Creatives are also given their own online filing cabinet to store selected images for future reference. And, should they want to help recruit their favorite artists to the cause, they can download or request the First-Stop return to sender stickers to send back the artists’ promos with an invitation to join.

DDB + first-stop.org.

Creative Directors / Lisa Bennett, Lance Vining
Art Directors / Matt Brajot, Lance Vining
Chief Developer / Chrissy Bishop
Developer / John Yu
Production Manager / Sarah Brooke
Designer / Matt Brajot
Writers / Greg Lance, Jim Bosiljevac