Tiny Gift / Third Place: Community Development

TinyGift Screens

In 2006, Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for pioneering micro-loans in Bangladesh. Yunus’ bank granted small loans to poor people and those with no credit thus facilitating a part of the economy that is often ignored by larger institutions. With the Internet and the falling cost of small electronic monetary payments, Yunus’ ideas and a new philanthropy built on top of the economy of micro-transactions are flourishing. In this setting, we introduce TinyGift and the idea of “micro-donation.” TinyGift is a system that allows people to donate to nonprofits in small amounts such as a quarter, a dollar, or ten dollars. Instead of feeling reluctant giving a larger amount to one nonprofit, you can make micro-donations to a diverse mix of causes that reflect the variety of things that you care about.

autofuss + TinyGift.

Art Directors / Jeff Linnell, Randall Stowell
Designer, Illustrator / Lisa Mishima
Concept, Engineering / Walter Kim, Sharad Goel