Alice Chau
San Francisco Street Food Festival 2009 & 2010 / Second Place: Community Development

San Francisco Street Food Festival Collateral

La Cocina’s San Francisco Street Food Festival brings together the low-income and immigrant entrepreneurs of La Cocina’s nationally recognized incubator kitchen alongside the incredible food and spirit of small food business owners across the Bay Area.

La Cocina aims to provide affordable commercial kitchen space and hands-on technical assistance to low-income and immigrant women entrepreneurs who are launching, growing, and formalizing food businesses. The festival not only celebrates those entrepreneurs but also aims to prove that their food is as delicious, as valuable, and as essential to any food community as that of some of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world. But, telling that story is difficult.

The visual experience of eating at a taqueria versus eating at a high-end restaurant often set the expectations for the consumer before they’ve even had a small bite to eat. In branding our festival, La Cocina asked to achieve a brand that would speak to the high quality of the food as well as speak to the real experience of our entrepreneurs.

Alice’s design echoed the element of the streets and the grittiness of our clients alongside a very urban prettiness that you can taste in their food. In designing the entire festival, we were able to create a space that had not existed here before; where high, middle and low came together. In fact, the brand was so successful that many customers did not even realize that our vendors were low-income vendors just starting up; which was exactly the point. ~by Caleb Zigas, director of La Cocina.

Alice Chau + La Cocina.

do-gooder: Alice Chau