Hey, You’re Okay.

Originally seen by Arvi, a project by Ze Frank and originally published on www.zefrank.com/chillout

“On the web, a new ‘friend’ may be just a click away, but true connection is harder to find and express.”

I originally heard about Ze Frank from a very funny and insightful TED talk in 2004. Since then, Ze has been working on some wonderful, and often times inspiring, internet-based projects to help people to truly connect with one another because let’s face it, we’re all looking to feel and be felt, to feel like we belong. One project that I found inspiring in both the simplicity in execution and its heartfelt message is the chillout song.

This is the story of how that song was developed.

“I received an email from a woman named Laura, who had recently moved to a new city for a new job. She was overwhelmed with anxiety and asked me to write her a song to help her calm down.”

  • August 11th

    Hello Ze,
    I’m a fan of Songs You Already Know. If you make another, could you please make a song for “Song for when you’re overwhelmed”? A nice sweet calmdown song. An audio-hug. A song that huddles around you and whispers “shhhhhhh, calm the fuck down. s’okay”.

    Thanks for considering, Mister Frank.


“I asked her to send me an email describing what it felt like when she was overwhelmed.”

  • August 12th

    it feels like days dont start. and days dont end. there is no sense of time.

    it feels like bring dropped into a dark void. completely dark. and all the darkness has weight, a thickness. not liquid. not a solid. something else. and youre trapped. and the longer you are there you know the black is just growing and growing and growing. and theres nothing you can do. the hole would just be bigger to dig out of with every passing hour. but you cant even do that.

    watching a pane of glass sllllooowwwwlllllyyyyyyyy have a crack weasel through it. but you dont know when it will lose its stability.

“I asked her to tell me what kinds of thoughts went through her mind when she was anxious.”

  • August 12th

    Why bother, nothing will ever be completed. I dont want to get out of bed. What would happen if I just didnt show up today? Why isnt anyone stepping in, they all know I can't do all of this. Stop. Please stop. I want to punch all of you in the neck. Only the dumpster understands.


    Does anyone understand that I am a human being, and I require things like sleep. Food. Social interaction. solitude.

    Can I have a hug?

“I wrote a sketch of a chorus and quietly asked some people in my audience to record themselves singing along while wearing headphones. Here is the sketch I sent them:”
Chillout3 1 by zefrank

“I received about thirty recordings. Here are some examples of what people sent to me:”
Chilloutrory by zefrank
Chillout3 wpc 1 by zefrank
Chillout3 BackingTrack Nic by zefrank

“But this was my favorite:”
Chill 1 by zefrank

“While I worked on the song and collected more voices, Laura thought I had forgotten about her.

  • September 9th

    Hi Mr.Frank,
    has the overwhelmed song project died? Im sorry for pestering.

    big sigh
    big sigh

    not any better, here.


“I sent the final song to her in an email before releasing it to the public.

She liked it :)

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Just Breathe.”

  • September 17th

    This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. I can’t thank you enough. I don’t even know how to. To feel like everything is spinning out, and have a relative stranger do this, with other total strangers participating *is* overwhelming. In an incredible way.

    Thank you so so so so much.

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