A Good Week

Originally seen by Arvi

With an awesome San Francisco Design week coming to a close, I’m excited about this week-long global initiative by friends from across the pond.

A Good Week is a global celebration of all the Good that happens in the world. Over seven supercharged days, we will shine a spotlight on the people, communities and businesses who do Good.

Our vision is a world where everyone can Feel Good, Do Good and Live Good, and we want A Good Week to help work towards that goal. So, we’ve set the date and created the tools and partnerships needed to make it easy for people to get involved.

A Good Week is a collaborative celebration, so Good is whatever you say Good is! Yes, that might sound like a bit of a cop-out, but Good obviously means different things to different people. We want you to use the week to think about — and do — what makes you and others feel Good. And if you’re already doing Good in your life then even better, just get involved and tell us about it. Use the week as an opportunity to shout about what you or your organisation is doing.

We are encouraging everyone to get involved, to do some good, to talk about good, to attend an event or run your own! We are driving a new conversation on good, and asking what it means to you. Our ultimate goal is to inspire 500,000 people across 100 towns and cities around the world to take part in A Good Week. So, what good will you do?

Visit www.agoodweek.com for more information and to follow the week-long events.

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